Surf Coaching Options

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Private coaching

Get personalized coaching to improve your technique, equipment, heat strategy and more. Owner John Daniels will personally work with you and help you take your surfing to the next level through a variety of tools. For surfers at the competitive level or intermediate surfers looking to take their surfing to the next level. Two hour sessions are recommended as you will have time to incorporate video review.

One Hour | $100

Two Hours | $150

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group coaching

Weekly two hour surf coaching group session with other surfers of a similar ability level held throughout the year. Analysis of heat strategy, body mechanics, wave selection and more. For the intermediate to advanced surfer looking to achieve competitive success or perfect their surfing. Contact for schedule and availability. We recommend you schedule a two hour private coaching session with John prior to attending a group coaching.

$50 per session

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elite surf coaching summer camp

Spend a week with us over summer learning how to up your surfing game and get a lot of water time and personalized instruction. LTR's own John Daniels utilizes his years of experience as a competitive surfer, surf contest judge and surf instructor to create this surf coaching camp that will equip and inspire. Improve your maneuvers and technique through video review and mock heats. This camp is for the intermediate to advanced surfer looking to hone their competitive skills and technique.