“Thanks learn to rip surf!!!”

My sons first went out with John in late May. He even extended himself for feedback on equipment purchases, that mom found a huge help since that excellent May experience. Stunning human at what he does and passion for what he does! My son's were excited to get out with him again. Summer in full effect and as teens taking themselves to beaches it was a well captured wave time with John today, refining what they've been doing since May and what they will do with their skills & FUN forward. Thanks Learn To Rip Surf!!! 

— A.O.

“john is your guy”

My vacation consisted of being in the Oceanside area for 1 week. I noticed how many surfers were in the water enjoying themselves and I thought...I'd like to try that! John was recommended and so I signed up for a 1 hour lesson. He provides the surf board, wet suit and is insured. Now, I am a 42 year old guy who over the years has enjoyed riding the waves with a raft or boogie board. That was the extent of my experience, which is literally none. John was very patient, relaxed, very knowledgeable but not arrogant, and a good teacher just trying to help me get the basics down. I was able to get up a few times during the lesson. It's obvious that he has helped many people over the years, because he knew so many people in the water or who were coming to surf that day. If you are looking to give surfing a shot or hone your skills, John is your guy. Thanks again John! 

— C.T.

“I can’t say enough good things about ltr”

My seven year-old daughter told me last summer she really wanted to learn how to surf, so I began researching local clinics/instructors to find the best options. After attending her first LTR clinic last summer she is now officially hooked and absolutely loves surfing! This is attributed to the fantastic instructors, especially John and Jenny, who genuinely take the opportunity to connect with people and share a tremendous amount of knowledge on surfing. Audrey has been out numerous times on individual lessons with both John and Jenny and it has been amazing to see her progress so quickly in such a short amount of time, all while having a great time. At the end of every lesson she asks when she will be going out again. I can't say enough good things about LTR and would not want my daughter learning from anyone else."

— Jason Neely

“one of my dreams come true”

John- I just wanted to thank you for helping make one of my dreams come true. With your patient teaching, I can finally surf in spite of hip replacements in both hips and being 59 years old. I also have watched you coaching youths and am impressed with your knowledge, patience, and congeniality. Thank you so much!

— David Promack

“john’s expertise of coaching”

I attribute the success that Brennan has enjoyed to John's training where he gives the surfer personalized attention, most times calls us after events, and exercises that help the athlete understand what they are doing correct and incorrect during mock heats to eventually develop the correct habits in heats. Brennan has benefited from John's expertise of coaching and is currently in the top 10 of all the surf series he competes.

— Todd A.

“learned some game changers”

I have been trying to learn to surf on and off for about a year now. Within the first 30 mins of working with John in the water I learned some game changers that I never been told before and that helped tremendously. I will be returning to John for sure. 

— D.A.

“i’m hooked!!!”

John Daniels is hands down the best coach out there! John provided an exceptional experience that had me laughing and smiling the whole day! Within the first 15 minutes John had me catching and riding almost every wave that came by. John even got my girlfriend, who is afraid of the ocean, out catching and riding waves!!! I live over 3.5 hrs away from where John coaches, but I will be making that drive frequently now. John not only taught me how to surf, but passed on his love for the sport to me. I'M HOOKED!!! 

— K.W.